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There’s something special about Bali—something magical—even in a part of the world blessed with thousands of other dazzling tropical islands.

The jewel of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands, Bali caters to all travellers. Some visitors do little more than spend lazy days lounging on scenic white-sand beaches, while others dive brilliant underwater worlds, hike dormant volcanoes, or surf the sparkling southern coast.

Foodies feast on everything from seafood freshly plucked from the sea to Balinese specialties like sate lilit and babi guling. Attending a haunting kecak performance, learning about exquisite Balinese art, and exploring the island’s iconic Hindu temple complexes are among the island’s many fascinating cultural pursuits. South Bali’s nightlife scene is electric.

Perhaps, more than anything, it’s the genuinely warm hospitality the friendly, laid-back Balinese extend to its millions of annual visitors that sets this island apart—there’s only one way to find out.

Getting Around

First-time Bali visitors expecting open roads lined with tropical palms blowing in the breeze are often surprised to instead be greeted by standstill traffic jams and chaotic two-lane roads filled with daredevil motorists. This is particularly true in Denpasar and the popular tourist areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

Traffic, indeed, will likely be the biggest annoyance travellers experience in Bali. But don’t let car horns frustrate you – drivers often honk to show gratitude to motorists. Car rentals are available, but given the risky rules of the road and endless maze of unmarked streets across the island, smart travellers leave it to the army of experienced local drivers to shuttle them around. Private drivers are affordable, friendly, and can be hired for a full day or longer; taxis are relatively cheap and plentiful, as well.

Stay alert while walking around: Navigating Bali’s sometimes treacherous sidewalks—when there’s a sidewalk at all—can be a daring adventure.

By Taxi

Metered taxis are a vital means of transportation in and around south Bali, where many visitors spend their time lounging on the beach during the day before later enjoying the legendary nightlife. Taxis are safe, fares are quite reasonable, and all drivers speak English and are familiar with almost anywhere travellers want to go.

There are a few taxi operators in town, but it’s best to stick with Blue Bird Taxi, the most consistently reliable company—look for their light-blue coloured cars with a white sign on the top. You can flag a Blue Bird down just about anywhere, book one online, or request a car using their free app.

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