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There are two facets to Shanghai - the shiny metropolis you see from the outside and the venerable cultural kingdom you experience from within. Famed for its soaring skyscrapers, rapid urbanism and larger-than-life palpability, Shanghai’s great secret is that it doesn’t shy away from its past, instead, it embraces its traditionalism like a long-lost lover.

Juxtaposing glitzy restaurants, bars and shopping malls with historic shikumen residences and Art Deco buildings, China’s richest city is truly a cultural hot-pot, moving forward aggressively, yet still taking the time to smell the flowers.

Getting Around

Split by the Huanpu RIver, Shanghai is divided into Puxi and Pudong, which is further sub-divided into a total of 15 districts. With such a large area to traverse, a dynamic transport system is needed. As it is, the city has the world’s largest public transportation system, and is also responsible for shuttling the largest volume of people per day.

Fortunately, public transport within the city is relatively satisfactory. However, the constantly growing metropolis will inevitably face problems of overcrowding and traffic congestion in the near future. To counter that, the government is striving to construct more new roads, subways lines, as well as bus routes

By Metro Train

The Shanghai metro is a clean, extensive, efficient way of getting around the city. However, the train is always packed, especially during rush hour, so be prepared for a tight squeeze with your fellow commuters.

Made up of 14 lines that link 366 stations over 617 kilometres, the metro usually stops directly at, or nearby Shanghai’s main attractions and commercial areas.

If you’re not in a hurry, the metro is a good way to travel, with its comfortable service. Rush hour happens between 7AM and 930AM, as well as 430PM to 730PM. You are going to want to avoid the metro during these hours.

By Buses

For visitors who can only afford a short stopover in Shanghai, taking a sightseeing bus is a good way to explore the highlights of the city.

Currently, there are two types of open-top, double-decker sightseeing buses - the City Sightseeing Bus, which runs four different lines, and the Shanghai Big Bus, which covers three routes. You may also purchase unlimited hop-on and hop-off passes with a 24HR or 48HR ticket. If you are holding this pass, feel free to alight and hop back on at any point. Free route maps and earphones are also provided

By Taxi

Taxis are the best mode of transport for visitors to get around Shanghai. Reasonably cheap, and with more than 50,000 vehicles whizzing through the metropolis, Shanghai’s taxis are almost always in abundance, except during peak periods and summer storms.

The main taxi companies in Shanghai are the turquoise Dazhong, the gold Qiangsheng and the green Bashi. Taxi fares should be metered and normally hover around ¥14 for the first 3 kilometres and ¥2.5 per kilometre thereafter. You can pay using either cash or a Transport Card.

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