Considered one of the 100 most influential people of all time by TIME magazine, Mao Tse Tung is the founding father of the Chinese Communist Party and the leader who helped shape China into an industrialised power house to be reckoned with. As a tribute to the revolutionary leader, against his wishes of cremation he was preserved in a capacious mausoleum known as the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, where the people of China could revere and admire him for decades to come, ensuring his legacy and contributions to China will not be forgotten.

Completed in 1977 the mausoleum features a hand written poem from the “Great Helmsman” as a greeting to visitors as they enter the mausoleum. The structure itself is said to be built of China, utilising building materials from the four corners of China – granite from Sichuan and porcelain from Guangdong, including rock samples from Mount Everest.

As travellers step inside the monument, they are greeted by an expansive tapestry highlighting China’s mountains and rivers. As one progresses further, visitors enter the hall of mourning that showcases a crystal coffin housing Chairman Mao in his characteristic grey suit resting peacefully.

The memorial hall’s design and architecture is based around the principles of symmetry and centrality, while sculptures to the north and south document the struggles of the Chinese people in attaining modern china as it is today.

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