Location of Somerset Greenways Serviced Apartments near Chennai CBD

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Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is India’s sixth largest city and the capital of the southern state of Tamilnadu. Being the sixth largest, the 369-year-old city has long been disregarded by tourists, often serving more as a stopover point rather than a destination. But layover or not, Chennai is for the most part, a city worth exploring.

Synonymous with its sweltering heat and crawling traffic, the ‘capital of the south’ has always been the rather dowdy sibling among India’s four biggest cities. But it is in this heady mix of culture, heritage and gastronomy where Somerset Greenways Chennai can be found.

The serviced residence sits on Sathyadev Avenue, which is a mere 10-minute drive from the city's main central business district and a 45-minute drive from Anna International Airport. Guests can easily navigate their way around the city by the metro line, with the closest station just a 5-minute drive away.